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Tyson Foods Heavy Skilled Labor-Waterloo Pork Plant - September in Waterloo, Iowa

If you are looking to make an impact on a meaningful scale, come join us as we raise the world's expectations for how much good food can do!

Work Shift:

ALL SHIFTS (United States of America)

Accepting Rehire Applications until 10/31/20.

This position is responsible for entry level non-skilled heavy lifting general labor while maintaining a safe work environment and adhering to Tyson policies and procedures.

TasksThis position could work in any department of this pork processing facility. Standing, walking, bending, stretching, climbing, pushing, pulling, and reaching are required in all areas. Lifting is required in many areas (weight depends upon area).

These positions work in a cold, damp or hot and humid environment and these areas have slippery walking surfaces.

Jobs include: heavy/detailed knife work, stunning, and/or saw operation. May require climbing stairs/ladders. Must be able to lift up to 150 lbs (2 people) and push/pull up to 280 lbs.

Applicants that fail to provide a social security number which is listed as National ID# will not be considered.

To be eligible for rehire, applicants must have ended their Tyson employment before August 5th, 2020. (See below for more information on rehire criteria)

Company-wide Rehire Criteria

The electronic recruiting platform also automatically assigns disposition codes to candidates applying for rehire whose electronic application indicates a previous separation from Tyson since the Workday go live of April 1, 2019 for any of the following reasons:

· Gross Misconduct (Not Eligible for Rehire)

· Harassment & Discrimination violation (Not Eligible for Rehire)

· Core Safety Mandate violation (2-year Minimum Waiting Period)

· “No Rehire” as part of a Settlement Agreement. (Not Eligible for Rehire- Global Release)

· Unsatisfactory Probationary Period-Other (Not Eligible for Rehire)

· Job Abandonment History of Disciplines (Not Eligible for Rehire)

· Voluntary Resignation History of Disciplines (Not Eligible for Rehire)

· Standards of Behavior Violations (Not Eligible for Rehire)

· Dignity and respect

· Poor Work Performance

· Progressive Disciplines

· Excessive Disciplines

· Sleeping on the job

Applicants Must be willing and able to work A and B shift hours.

This facility runs 6 days a week, Monday - Saturday.

Must be willing and able to work In the following work environments’;

HARVEST: Includes slaughter of the animal and processing offal products. Environment is wet, humid, and hot. Temperatures are seasonal and can be greater than 90 degrees.

CUT/CONVERTING: Includes further processing of fresh pork products. Environment is wet and cold and ranges in temperature from 35 to 45 degrees.

Dear Applicant – If you are having trouble applying online please come to the plant employment office for assistance.

Si ou gen problem pou fe aplikasyon an nan internet vini nan office pou yo ede ouw .

Estimado Solicitante- si usted está teniendo problemas para aplicar en línea por favor de venir a la oficina de empleo de la planta para obtener asistencia.

Cher Candidat –Si vous trouvez des difficultés pour appliquer en ligne s’il vous plait venez sur place au bureau d’emploi pour l’assistance.

Dear Riansoktu- online in harnak na ngeih asi Cun Zaangfahnak in Bawmhnak na ngah khawh nak ding Caah Employment riansok nak Zung ah rak ra teh

When completing a Tyson Foods employment application, be sure to complete all tasks listed on the candidate home page. If not, you will see a message that there are 1 or more task(s) that require attention. Applicants for hourly production positions must complete the task to provide additional information to be considered from employment.

Tyson is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will be considered without regard to race, national origin, color, religion, age, genetics, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status.

CCPA Notice. If you are a California resident, and would like to learn more about what categories of personal information we collect when you apply for this job, and how we may use that information, please read our CCPA Job Applicant Notice at Collection, click here.

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