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Iowa Department of Administrative Services Environmental Specialist in Sioux City, Iowa

Environmental Specialist



Environmental Specialist


$46,217.60 - $69,721.60 Annually


Sioux City - 51111 - Woodbury County, IA

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582 Iowa Department of Public Defense

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5/26/2019 11:59 PM Central

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Job Description

The Iowa Department of Public Defense is looking to fill an Environmental Specialist to assist the state.



Inspects hazardous waste (HW/UW) accumulation points for compliance with RCRA HW laws and ANG/base policies and procedures. Determines corrective actions in cases of noncompliance at accumulation points and ensures that corrective actions are implemented; ensures that HW/UW at accumulation points is properly labeled, marked, containerized, and stored. Collects and/or receives HW/UW from shop accumulation points and weighs and logs in the wastes at the base's central accumulation point. Prepares documentation, using the approved HW database, for turn-in of the wastes to the Defense Logistics Agency's contractor, verifies delivery items with the contractor in advance of pick up and signs the HW manifest and other required paperwork, after review of the documentation to ensure compliance with 29 CFR (DOT) and 40 CFR (EPA) regulations. Trains HW accumulation point managers in container management, storage requirements, and inspection duties. Reviews the base's HW management plan and recommends changes when situations dictate. Recommends when HW should be tested and analyzes laboratory test results to determine hazardous characteristics in waste streams and correctly assigns EPA identification numbers for the wastes. Researches and documents procedures and locations for free or QRP-eligible turn-in of UW-Used Batteries at applicable local businesses.


Serves as the alternate POC in managing the base's hazardous materials (HM) management program. Reviews authorization requests for HM, with their associated Safety Data Sheets (SDS), from shop representatives to determine hazardous constituents and characteristics and whether wastes that might be generated during use of HM may become HW and must be managed under RCRA regulations. Develops reports, using the mandatory HM database, on HM that are used, chemical constituents in the HM that may need to be monitored and/or eliminated on the base, and HM that can be substituted with less harmful chemicals, as permitted by Maintenance Group's technical orders (TOs). Provides training to shop personnel on HM management - use, storage, and disposal of the HM - and ensures that shop personnel are properly maintaining SDS binders which pertain to current HM used. Reviews the base's spill prevention and response plan, which addresses how harmful chemicals should be managed and how to properly clean up chemical releases, and recommends changes to the spill plan, as necessary.


Serves as the alternate POC in managing the base's air quality (AQ) management program. Ensures chemicals [i.e. hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)] that are applicable to air quality permits are used at levels that will not exceed limits set by the state of Iowa and documented in the air permits. Ensures that chemical usage is recorded in the mandatory AQ database, and works with shop personnel who are responsible for inputting said usage do so every month. Assists in providing AQ database information in preparation for USAF/ANG data call submissions, as well as other reports that are developed for ANG, state of Iowa, or base purposes. Reviews the base's air quality management plan and recommends changes, as appropriate.


Serves as the base point of contact for recycling efforts. This includes monitoring recycling of paper and cardboard, glass, tin and plastic food and beverage containers, scrap metals, Styrofoam, etc. to ensure that recyclable products are kept out of collections of trash destined for the regional landfill, to the maximum extent possible. Ensures that funds generated through the Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) are promptly deposited with Finance Management and that the funds are tracked and appropriately spent, according to USAF instructions. Identifies market opportunities for recyclable materials in the local area and takes advantage of those opportunities, when cost effective, to continue to minimize recyclable products going into trash dumpsters. Develops recycling awareness information (training slide programs, brochures, posters, etc.) to educate personnel on the base's recycling program answers recycling questions from stakeholders within and outside the base population. Provides input when revisions to the base's solid waste management plan must be made.


Serves on various environmental-related committees, councils and working groups, assisting in assembling meeting agendas and minutes. Maintains the environmental office's website to ensure that information is current. Attends environmental training classes on a variety of topics within his/her area of responsibility, and actively participates in discussions at annual environmental conferences and workshops. Accomplishes other environmental office work assignments, as directed by the Environmental Manager.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in natural science; an equivalent combination of experience and education substituting one year of full-time professional work in an environmental, radiation control, environmental health or food sanitation program for each year (30 semester hours) of the required education.

For additional information, please click on thislink to view the job description.

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