Performs all tasks involved in the production of Frontier's products. Follows standard processes, and practices safe work habits to ensure that production is as efficient and safe as possible. Performs general tasks in the area such as boxing, filling, labeling, and cleaning. Communicates respectfully and honestly to others.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESExpected to be available to work in all areas of production or distribution and are expected to operate equipment on lines at least 50% of their hours worked.Makes equipment adjustments as needed to ensure a quality finished product. Must be able to perform major production line changeovers without the help of maintenance staff.Comes into contact with and handles powerful rare earth magnets.Performs special packaging projects as scheduled.Maintains equipment in accordance with SOP's and preventative maintenance schedules, and is required to train others in performing the job effectively.Works with production planning on a daily basis to help determine an efficient production schedule.Cases and palletizes finished product for inventory.Operates material handling, packaging, and processing equipment.Samples product for quality control checks.Visually inspects materials and supplies for defects; reports defective materials or questionable conditions to supervisor.Completes necessary documentation, including worksheets and computerized tracking systems for each product.Verifies product and supplies.