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Iowa State Job Bank Employer Dump Truck Driver in MASON CITY, Iowa

TITLE: TRUCK DRIVER REPORTS TO: 1. Assigned Plant Foreman When Hauling Material. 2. Shop Manager/Mechanic for Service and Repair of Truck.JOB PURPOSE:The purpose of this job is to haul materials such as hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt, rock, sand, dirt or equipment needed on the job to support completion of road building projects. Help with traffic control, shoveling of asphalt, project clean-up, if not driving truck, or as directed by Foreman.JOB DUTIES:As directed by Supervisor, drive company truck/vehicle to complete daily job assignments in accordance with established driving procedures.Daily inspection on the vehicles in accordance with set guidelines to assure vehicle can be safely operated.Keep truck exterior and dump boxes clean and maintained on a daily basis.Keep weekly mileage records and prepare and submit required mileage reports in accordance with established procedures.Complete required DOT forms daily, or as required, and submit completed forms to supervisor as needed.To assist in other labor or truck work related areas as assigned.Attends safety meetings as required.Cooperates with supervisor/co-workers to achieve work assignments.Drive defensively, courteously and cautiously at all times, following established safety guidelines.Follow designated haul roads.Exert extreme caution around overhead wires, bridges or other overhead hazards.Get out of vehicle to check blind spots behind vehicle.Never drive on sidewalks, lawns (personal property) or driveways without consent of job supervisor or laydown foreman.After being loaded make pre-trip inspection for possible loose material or other hazards.Interact with customers and the public in a courteous, helpful manner at all times.Reports customer/public problem situations immediately to their supervisor.JOB REQUIREMENTS:Ability and skill to meet driving standards for operating a company truck/vehicle.Maneuvering truck in/out of a variety of locations.Complete dumping operationAbility/skill to perform driving duties for extended periods of time in a variety of weather conditions.Ability to prepare driving records in an accurate and legible manner.Ability and knowledge related to daily maintenance of assigned truck/vehicle, such as fuel, oil, water, and other vehicle parts.Knowledge, skill and ability to follow delivery instructions in an accurate and timely manner, and in accordance with established procedures.Ability to communicate effectively with customers, public and co-workers.Ability to be available for work daily and overtime as required; including week-end work.Ability to assist in laborer or other work related areas as required.Ability to understand and observe safety rules/regulations, including using preventive safety measures.Ability to be alert to potential hazards in the work area.Ability to properly back into paver, dump load and ride brakes properly to avoid rolling away from paver.When entering asphalt plant:Know all safety regulationsKnow when/where to pull under silo or pugmillKnow when/where to stop under silo or pugmillKnow how to properly position load in boxKnow when/where to pull out of silo or pugmill and stop to pick up ticketKnow where/when/how/why and have the capability to place tarp over the top of the box of the truck.To take initiative in regards to what needs to be done next (looking ahead) and remain productive throughout the work day.Ability/skill and responsibility to maintain control over traffic in a professional and safe manner.Be aware and warn all roller operators of deep asphalt fills or soft edges with steep drop offs. Due to the possibility of tipping the roller over in these situations.Have respect for other peoples property, treat it as your own or better. No debris, garbage, marks on the lawn (keep equipment off of lawn).Lookout man for potential hazards such as:Overhead electrical lines, etc.Tree branchesPinch points of all kinds (equipment and vehicle to vehicle situation).Ability/skill to properly load equipment on