JBS USA BONE MEAL DRIVER in Marshalltown, Iowa

Job Interest Sheet

Division/Department: Pork/Rendering

Location: Marshalltown

Job title: Rendering Meat & Bone Meal Truck Driver

Reports to: Adolfo Honts / Rendering Superintendent

Nonexempt Hourly Rate:

Type of position:



Flexible as needed

Salary Non-Exempt

General Description : Keep trucks clean inside & outside; Keep hopper Rail cars clean and surrounding area; Sometimes load own trucks; keep hopper Rail Cars; Grease and maintain some items on the trucks; Be able to work in extreme heat/cold conditions.

Required skills:

  • Be able to communicate written and verbally in English

  • Must Have CDL license

  • Be able to work all 3 shifts as needed

  • Work 40+ hours per week(Some overtime required)

  • Able to work in both hot and cold temperatures

  • Strong communication and leadership skills

  • Self Motivated/ High Sense of urgency ability to work with minimum Supervision

  • Able to perform under High Stress situations

  • Prior Experience with shipping product helpful

  • Knowledge of Sanitation policies required

  • Possible exposure to slippery floors, extreme temperature variations, chemicals, machinery and vehicles

Education Requirements (if applicable)

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Approved by : Sergio Lopez

Title: Employment Manager

Posting Date: 06/08 / 20 1 8 Closing Date: 06 /18 / 201 8