UNIVERSITY OF IOWA FM Mechanical and Electrical Planner in IOWA CITY, Iowa

The University of Iowa department of Facilities Management (FM) is seeking a Mechanical and Electrical Planner (Facilities Services Specialist) to develop detailed mechanical and electrical work plans using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Collaborates with FM staff to develop plans for reactive, corrective, preventative, and predictive maintenance as well as determine planning/execution priorities. Generates and tracks outage schedules. This position will have the opportunity to work across FM utilizing the AiM FM Workflow to provide support as needed.* Generate, update, or modify preventative and predictive maintenance plans in the CMMS data to ensure timely completion and documentation.* Develop detailed, written work plans for all work orders (mechanical and E/I) prior to scheduling per AiM FM Workflow. Detailed plans shall contain step by step work flow, required tools, required parts, and est imated number of craft hours.* Review and communicate work order backlog to ensure work is being scheduled aligned with plant safety, operations, reliability and efficiency needs.* Participate in maintenance workflow meetings to determine work order planning and execution priorities.* Provide work order updates in CMMS as required to ensure all work orders are planned with materials onsite/kitted prior to scheduling for field execution.