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Job Information

Pipestone System Swine Technician in Fairbank, Iowa

##Job Description

Objective: Follow directions of farm management and protocols to the best of employee's ability for maximum production, efficiency and profit-ability.


  1. Learn and develop individual skills based on work requirements in the employee's designated work area
  2. Follow all production protocols and procedures to maximize sow and gilt production & efficiencies
  3. Learn specialized skills necessary for smooth work flow
  4. Become a skilled employee in animal husbandry to reduce stress of herd and maximize production
  5. Follow daily task sheets in the department to achieve production targets
  6. Complete production paperwork accurately and timely

  7. Communicate effectively with area employees and farm management

  8. Follow task sheets and time frames to stay on task and meet time schedules during the workday
  9. Give daily input to lead person in area on production and animal health concerns
  10. Learn how individual performance affects the finances of the organization and participate with area employees to maximize production and efficiency in areas the employees affect

  11. Complete production paperwork accurately and on time

  12. Work with farm management to ensure completion of all work related injury paperwork and participate as necessary in accident investigation
  13. Daily recording of monitored production items

  14. Bio-Security Adherence

  15. Adhere to all bio-security protocols and give input to lead person in area for items out of compliance
  16. Work with other team employees in designated area to ensure bio-security audit deficiencies are corrected and brought into compliance in a timely basis

  17. Safe Working Environment

  18. Follow all safety procedures and guidelines
  19. Make sure all safety equipment is in place and utilize equipment as required
  20. Learn and utilize accident prevention measures for designated area
  21. Consistently monitor animal welfare procedures in designated area

  22. Ventilation Controls

  23. Be aware of area ventilation system and if it is in good working order
  24. Regularly monitor the environment and provide input to lead person in area to achieve optimum comfort for the animals

  25. Facility Maintenance

  26. The facility must be maintained and well kept
  27. Complete routine maintenance as assigned on a daily basis
  28. Communicate non-routine repairs to lead in area
  29. Keep gestation area clean and organized


  1. Other duties and projects as assigned by lead person in area and farm management


FULL-TIME: Part-time

Job Title: Swine Technician - PART TIME

Location: Wapsi Pig-20218

Req Num: 19-592