Nationwide Project Staff - Commercial Lines Transformation (Learning & Performance) in Des Moines, Iowa

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JOB SUMMARY: A staff resource assigned to perform a specific activity in support of an approved corporate program or project for a limited period of time. The hiring manager will create job expectations for each project position.

Job Description

RELATIONSHIP: Reporting relationships will be determined based on the needs of the assigned project.


STAFFING: A "project basis staffing" is a job temporarily assigned in order to perform a specific activity in support of an approved corporate project. The assignment is typically two years or less. The limited life of this assignment distinguishes a "project" position from most other positions. Project staffing allows management a greater level of flexibility in selecting an incumbent with the needed level of expertise. Because of the truly temporary status of the project job, the need for specific skills, and a fair administration of compensation for project personnel, the project jobs are to be staffed on a lateral basis (i.e. the incumbent remains on the same pay band he/she held before project participation).

LENGTH OF ASSIGNMENT: The assignment is typically two years or less. However there are two types of project staffing assignments. A short-term assignment would normally be four months or less and would not involve a permanent transfer. Salary would be administered as normal, and the previous position would typically be held open. A long term project assignment would be longer than four months, could involve relocation, and the employee's previous position would be re-staffed or eliminated. Qualified associates will typically be provided 60 calendar days to search for a new position. For clarification, contact your local HR representative.

SALARY ADMINISTRATION: Individuals hired would typically receive a pro-rated merit increase. During the project, merit salary adjustments pursuant to the salary administration guidelines will be based on the employee's pay band at the time of placement on the project job. Performance evaluations will be conducted as they would on any job as appropriate.

END OF PROJECT: Prior to the end of the project, Human Resources will be notified by the Project Executive regarding the project completion date. Human Resources will assist the project job holder for a period of sixty calendar days, if qualified, in his/her search for a position . The success of the associate in securing a position is contingent upon prior related work experience, satisfactory performance on the project and the availability of open positions matching the associates? skills and experience. The associate is expected to compete for positions with other Nationwide associates and/or external applicants. There is no guarantee that the associate leaving the project will secure another position.


Vary based on project needs. Please refer to the On-Line Requisition System for a summary skills listing; the Project Executive can provide a detailed listing.

Values: Regularly and consistently demonstrates the Nationwide Values and Guiding Behaviors.


Overtime Eligibility: Not Eligible (Exempt).

Working Conditions: Normal office environment.

ADA: The above statements cover what are generally believed to be principal and essential functions of this job. Specific circumstances may allow or require some people assigned to the job to perform a somewhat different combination of duties.

Credit Check: AS APPLICABLE TO THE SPECIFIC PROJECT - Due to the fiduciary accountabilities within this job, a valid credit check and/or background check will be required as part of the selection process.

Job Evaluation Activity: Edited 6/25/2004 - BVS

Additional Job Description

Learning & Performance Design Consultant Supporting CLT

Compensation Grade: G2 or F2

NOTE: The role is posted as a G but could be an F based on experience. Can be staffed in Columbus or Des Moines Only.

This role is for an Instructional Design for Commercial Lines Transformation (CLT). This role requires the following experiences/ skills:

  • Commercial knowledge/ experience with either PCIO or Harleysville

  • Instructional design experience

Items that aren’t required, but are beneficial:

  • Experience with eLearning development tools

  • Audacity

  • Captivate

  • Camtasia

  • Vyond (GoAnimate)

  • Adobe Production Premium Suite

  • LMS Administrative experience

  • SharePoint experience

Job ID: 54583