American Water Treatment Operator U525 in Davenport, Iowa

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Primary Role

Control treatment operation at East River Station and continuous monitoring of water quality and treatment control systems, including pumps, analyzers/instrumentation, filters, chemical feed systems and SCADA control systems.

Key Accountabilities

  • Operate and monitor chemical feed systems and adjust chemical dosages to ensure proper water treatment to meet water quality standards established by state and federal regulations.

  • Perform laboratory analysis and operate lab equipment for process control and water quality testing.

  • Monitor and control distribution control system (SCADA) to ensure proper water treatment.

  • Operate, control and maintain raw and settled water motors, pumps, valves and equipment to regulate flow and pressure of water pumped into and through the treatment plant.

  • Place pumps on line or shut down pumps as system demand, electric demand management or water quality dictates.

  • Monitor and record condition of pumps and treatment equipment.

  • Change chlorine containers according to established safety procedures.

  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly operational, chemical and water quality reports and maintain communication log.

  • Provide assistance in the safe unloading of chemical deliveries.

  • Assist operator, as required (e.g.: pump changes, restore system after power outage, monitor and control SCADA system.)

  • Assist in the monitoring and answering of telephone and radio systems and monitor plant surveillance and security systems.

  • Perform housekeeping and other duties as assigned.

Knowledge / Skills

  • Learn the functioning of the overall water treatment and pumping system.

  • Use judgment to make decisions to keep the treatment system operating and follow established safety procedures.

  • Use hands, eyes and fingers to adjust equipment.

  • Work in confined spaces and be able to lift and carry items weighing over 50 lbs.

  • Be physically able to use self-contained breathing apparatus and pass respiratory physical and hearing tests.

  • Requires mathematical development sufficient to be able to calculate surface, volume, weights, measures and chemical dosages and usages. Calculate square roots and variable formulas.

  • Calculate plane and solid figures, circumference, area and volume.

  • Must have developer language skills to be able to read and understand instructions, rules, look up information in reference sources, etc.

  • Speak clearly and distinctly with appropriate pauses, emphasis and correct pronunciation. Must be able to communicate using two-way radio and other communication equipment. Must be able to convey, understand and exchange information with others.


Functional / Technical Skills

Learning on the Fly

Organizational Agility

Problem Solving

Time Management

Experience / Education

  • High school graduate or state-recognized educational equivalency certificate.

  • Computer literacy necessary to operate computerized operations control system equipment.

  • Understanding and adherence to all material safety data sheet information & safety procedures.

  • Must have or obtain Grade I Iowa Water Treatment Operator's license within 18 months of filling this position. Must have or obtain Grade II Iowa Water Treatment Operator's license within 42 months of filling this position. Must obtain Grade III Iowa Water Treatment Operator's license within 60 months of filling this position.

  • Valid driver's license and acceptable driving record required.


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