CITY OF CEDAR RAPIDS Transit Service Worker in CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa

Provides servicing, cleaning and light maintenance of vehicles along with maintenance and custodial services to facilities and grounds in support of mass transit services provided to the general public.Works under general supervision from department management; exercises discretion with service calls and repairs, within prescribed and procedural guidelines.Examples of Duties / Knowledge & SkillsProvides vehicle servicing such as fueling buses and support vehicles, checking and filling automotive fluids, checking tire pressure, reporting vehicle damage and defects, etc.;Washes and cleans interiors and exteriors of buses and support vehicles including proper clean-up of body fluid spills;Performs routine light maintenance and repairs to transit vehicles such as replacing mirrors and headlights, changing windshield wipers, checking and changing tires, etc.;Downloads farebox data and empties farebox vaults;Drives buses and service vehicles at the bus garage, to and from road calls and other off-site servicing locations, drives buses through the bus wash.Equal Opportunity Employer