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BSI Engineering Electrical Design Engineer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Electrical Design Engineer

Our Electrical Engineering team has many years of experience designing power distribution systems for clients in many different industries. Our Electrical Engineers work closely with our full-service, multi-discipline team to ensure a fully integrated package of the highest quality is provided. They assess client needs and create electronic designs that can handle the burden, whether it be a retrofit/upgrade of an existing facility or a new greenfield construction project.


  • Develops and writes discipline scope, deliverables, assumptions, and estimates budget for proposals

  • Gathers field data and d evelops and supervises the use of design criteria document(s) to meet the project objectives

  • Ensures quality and technical accuracy of project deliverables

  • Follows the BSI Standard Operating Procedures and Client Standards

  • Performs or ensures all the necessary calculations and design effort to prepare deliverables

  • Ensures discipline's design is accurate and coordinated within the 2D drawings and/or 3D model and/or site scans

  • Coordinates work with Engineers and delegates/coordinates work with Designers on a project

  • Establishes and manages their own engineering schedule and budget objectives on assigned projects

  • Provides clear direction to designers of project scope, schedule, budget and expectations of quality for small or medium sized projects

  • Ability to manage or self-perform capital cost estimating

  • Supervises or writes project-based documents; including but not limited to studies, project notes, scope, close-out reports

  • Manages and has extensive experience designing low voltage (600 and below) power distribution systems

  • Perform and evaluate short circuit/ arc flash/ coordination and load studies.

  • Utilize power system modeling software to identify power quality issues such as harmonics, over duty equipment, voltage and current transients, power factor and the ability to design remediation solutions for each.

  • Manages and self performs the design of MCCs, including single lines and layout of MCCs

  • Manages and self performs the design of motor controls, including hardwired, PLC and DCS systems, the design of grounding and lightning protection systems, the design of special systems, this includes telephone, data, fire alarm and communication and the design of cable tray and conduit systems

  • Manages and has extensive experience writing specifications for low voltage distribution equipment

  • Has working knowledge of medium voltage distribution equipment

  • Manages and self performs the design of electrical heat tracing systems and the design of lighting systems

  • Participates in construction support, startup and commissioning efforts

  • Identifies individual training needs and goals, receives training from others and may attend outside seminars, and mentors’ others

  • Develops and carries out specific training sessions for others

  • Interfaces with other design discipline counterparts, project management, and clients, as needed

  • Considers other disciplines and overall project requirements during the project lifecycle

  • Participates in multi-discipline squad checks of deliverables before issuance

  • Provides discipline specific technical advice

  • Identifies and communicates scope change for discipline

  • Continually monitors and communicates forecasted staffing requirements for their assigned projects

  • Strives to achieve the targeted billability goals for position

  • Executes assigned tasks to support business development; participates in sales presentations

  • Provides regular updates of individual marketing resume

  • Represents BSI at conferences or other outside functions in a professional manner

  • Provides direct, timely feedback to supervised team members and peers


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in an engineering discipline

  • 5+ years of industry experience desired

  • Possess a thorough understanding of the National Electrical Code and hazardous area classification requirements

  • Demonstrated skill in low voltage, industrial power system specification and design

  • Proficient in EasyPower and or SKM software, preferred

  • Demonstrated experience executing arc flash studies, preferred

  • Proficient written and oral communication skills

  • Proficient presentation skills

  • Strong decision-making and leadership skills

  • Ability to set priorities and manage multiple tasks

  • Positive conflict resolution skills

  • Microsoft Access knowledge

  • Knowledgeable in PLC and DCS design and hardware is desired, but not required

  • Knowledgeable in IECC design requirements is desired, but not required

  • Has working knowledge of medium voltage system design

  • Ability to design overhead pole lines is desirable

  • LEED is desired, but not required

    BSI Core Values

  • Ethical – you operate in a professional manner and follow good moral standards

  • Honest – you are trustworthy and truthful

  • Respectful – you treat others with respect regardless of their position or your own

  • Service – you have a serving mindset and look for ways to help (both clients and coworkers)

  • Positive Attitude – you look for the best qualities in those with whom you work, that you take on challenges willingly, and approach issues and communications in a positive way

  • Accountable – you can be counted on by others and you take ownership of your responsibilities

  • Continuous Learning – you are willing to take the time to learn new skills

  • Takes Initiative – you look for opportunities to do more

  • Cooperative – you have the ability to get along with others and help them succeed

  • Stewardship – you are good steward of company and client finances

  • Safety – you are expected to protect yourself and others. Learn and follow appropriate safety practices

  • Resourceful – you will proactively look for creative solutions

    About BSI

    By forming strategic alliances with others who share a similar vision, BSI Engineering is now capable of providing full service consulting and detailed design, design-build, or EPCM services catered to meet any budget or schedule. Our mantra is: “Serve the client, satisfy the employee… and the rest will take care of itself.” More than anything, we believe if we attract the most service-oriented professionals in our industry, then we will truly be seen as best in class by all those who make use of the services we offer. For more details, check out our website at


  • Cincinnati, OH (Headquarters)

  • Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Chicago, IL

  • Dearborn, MI

  • Louisville, KY

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