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Army National Guard Units BUDGET ANALYST in Camp Dodge Military Reservation, Iowa



This position is restricted to current Military members of the Iowa Army National Guard. LOCATION: CFMO, Johnston, Iowa


As a BUDGET ANALYST, GS-0560-9 your duties are below; Develops procedures and objectives pertaining to budget estimates for use by management officials to ensure compliance with State and National Guard Bureau's (NGB) requirements. Based on knowledge of the missions, functions, goals, objectives, procedures, and activities, forecasts program needs for Real Property Operations and Maintenance (RPOM) and Military Construction (MILCON). Assesses the needs and accomplishments of the serviced activities to anticipated and actual dollar figures in the budget. Analyzes and interprets source information as it applies to the budget. Recommends ways to ensure conformance with established guidelines to the CFMO and other accounts managers. Responsible for CFMO budget functions including formulation and execution. Evaluates and validates budget proposals submitted by the separate offices/entities under the CFMO. Reviews, edits, and consolidates annual or multi-year budget estimates for programs into a consolidated budget request, assuring that data in requests are formally and accurately documented in a wide variety of unrelated forms, schedules, and reports. Coordinates with the USPFO on a regular basis regarding account funds. Develops guidelines for funds allocation, budgetary rations, and constraints between the Federal Government and the State under the Master Cooperative Agreement (MCA). The CFMO's MCA includes Real Property Operations and Maintenance costs and may include execution of Environmental budgets. Works requirements for SEAS employees for reimbursement with Federal funding as part of the MCA, and ensures SEAS authorization (as established by the NGB), are not exceeded and the State is appropriately reimbursed. Consolidates Federal and State projected CFMO expenditures, and submits an annual budget to the NGB for RPOM and Environmental activities, reconciling accounts quarterly with NGB.--Maintains contact with staff personnel within other divisions and other military installations for coordination on budgetary matters. Works with program managers at NGB to confirm fund transfers and budget allotments. Although not the primary purpose and not grade-controlling, this position may be required to supervise one or more Budget Assistants and/or Accounting personnel both Federal and State employees. Performs other duties as assigned. D0740000


Conditions of Employment

NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED: This is an excepted position that requires military membership in a compatible military assignment in the Iowa Army National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of this excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.

APPLICATION MATERIALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 11/30/2020 . FAILURE TO PROVIDE COMPLETE INFORMATION MAY RESULT IN YOUR NOT RECEIVING CONSIDERATION FOR THIS POSITION. Please refer to the Qualifications and Evaluations Section of this Announcement to understand the qualification requirements, and the How to Apply Section for detailed instruction on applying. Military Rank Requirements: Warrant Officers and Enlisted Members

Security Clearance: Must be able to obtain and maintain a SECRET security clearance


In describing your experience, please be clear and specific. We will not make assumptions regarding your experience. Applicants who do not fully address the minimum/specialized experience needed for the position in their resume will not be referred for consideration. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The candidate must have at least three months of basic finance budget training or competencies that provided knowledge of financial principles and procedures. The candidate must have some understanding of the basic principles and concepts of the National Guard financial budget business program requirements. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: GS-0560-9: Must have at least 12 months experience in the following: Finance budget experiences and competencies that provided knowledge of financial principles and procedures. Candidate must have a good understanding of the basic principles and concepts of the National Guard financial budget business program requirements. A candidate must have experiences and training that demonstrate the abilities to follow directions, to read, retain, and understand a variety of instructions, regulations, policies and procedures. As a condition of continued employment in the GS-0560-09 position, dependent on the position's certification level and contingent on the employee's military rank, the employee must complete the higher financial management certification within 24 months of appointment to the position.


Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience - To qualify for GS-0560 dual status technician positions on the basis of completed undergraduate or graduate education, the college degree education must be in one of -or- be a combination of the following required disciplines: Accounting, business, finance, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organizational management. Technician applicants, who completed the Army or the Air Force Financial Technical School course and were awarded the applicable and compatible military skills, are considered minimally qualified for the GS-07 or GS-09 entry-level position.

To receive credit for Education, you must provide college transcripts to support your Educational claims.

Additional Information

SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIREMENT: Employment is subject to attaining and maintaining a secret clearance as required by this position. If the selectee does not possess the applicable security clearance when hired, application must be made within 30 days of the start date. Failure to make application for the required security clearance will result in termination of employment.

Failure to complete NGB prescribed courses at the PEC for new FTS personnel within the first year of employment may be cause for reassignment or termination of FTS.

ENLISTMENT CASH BONUSES: Acceptance of a technician position may affect any bonus and/or educational assistance that may be applicable. Please contact your Education Office prior to accepting a position with the Iowa Army National Guard.

Participation in direct deposit is mandatory. If you are a male applicant born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you are not eligible for appointment in this agency ( If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application