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MICHAEL FOODS Breaking Labor 2nd shift 2:50 pm - 11:30 pm in BRITT, Iowa

Descriptionless thandiv>less thanp>less thanstrong>less thanem>Michael Foods, Inc. is a leader in the food processing and distribution industry with business in egg products, refrigerated grocery and potato products. We offer exciting job possibilities throughout our organization where you can enhance your career, sharpen your talents and make an impact. Join our company and be part of an innovative team thats First in Food.less than/em>less than/strong>less than/p>less thanp>less thanstrong>We have the honor and responsibility of working in food a critical infrastructure industry during this time of global crisis. We are working around the clock to keep inventory flowing to our retailers and to help feed the world. We are hiring at many of our manufacturing facilitiesthis is a great opportunity for those who are now available due to hours being cut at their regular job or being sent home from college temporarily.less than/strong>less than/p>less thanp>less thanstrong>Take a look at how Michael Foods is giving back to the community during this difficult time!less than/strong>less than/p>less thanp>less than/p>less thanp>less thanstrong>DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: less than/strong>less than/p>less thanol>less thanli>Prevents bad eggs from contaminating finished products and ensures quality of eggs entering breaking room.less than/li>less thanli>Removes all yolk from whites to ensure a high quality product during the separation process.less than/li>less thanli>Keeps machine running at top production speeds and follows each days responsibilities. (whole egg vs. separating)less than/li>less thanli>Follows USDA regulations.less than/li>less thanli>Checks cleanliness, air pressure, water pressure, amount of chemicals, and fullness of flats on the machines continuously during each shift.less than/li>less thanli>Adheres to all safety policies and procedures.less than/li>less thanli>Safely lifts, carries and dumps 30-50 lbs. buckets into augers.less than/li>less thanli>Rotates with floor person as needed.less than/li>less thanli>Adheres to safe work practices, following GMPs, maintaining sanitary conditions and ensuring that product quality is maintained. Reports to management if any conditions or practices may adversely affect food safety, food quality or personnel safety.less than/li>less thanli>Able to work weekends, holidays and overtime as needed.less than/li>less thanli>Willing to travel and work at multiple locations.less than/li>less thanli>Correctly cleans, drys, and tags flats.less than/li>less thanli>Hauls racks and stacker, ties and picks up all material neatly in the proper amounts and heights.less than/li>less thanli>Dumps inedible buckets from machines being loaded after the end of the shift clean up.less than/li>less thanli>Ensures that ARUs are set up for production.less than/li>less thanli>Communicates with the supervisor, maintenance and operators about any safety, maintenance or production problems throughout the shift.less than/li>less thanli>Assists with the breaker operatorsless than/li>less thanli>Assists in proper rotation of shell egg inventory (FIFO)less than/li>less thanli>Able to perform other duties as assignedless than/li>less than/ol>less thanp>less thanstrong>EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: less than/strong>less than/p>less thanol>less thanli>Less than high school education.less than/li>less than/ol>less thanp>less thanstrong>PREFERRED EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS: less than/strong>less than/p>less thanol>less thanli>Ability to read a limited number of two-and three-syllable words and to recognize similarities and differences between words and between series of numbers.less than/li>less thanli>Good communication skills.less than/li>less thanli>Ability to add and subtract two digit numbers.less than/li>less thanli>Capability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in oral form.less than/li>less thanli>Capability to understand and follow oral instruction.less than/